ruelord B

Lord B
Chief Editor

French version

Times are changing, so are reading habits. Enough trees have fallen for the vanity of glossy magazines and newspapers.  Newspapers that have been filled with biased reporting, that feed the egos of journalists, profit of corporations and fears of society. November 4th was a historic day for the world. While America ushered in its first black president, on higher echelons, the world welcomed its first feathered president. Here is his acceptance speech, and thoughts on the challenges that will face our 38cm tall president.

Dear world citizens. Today is a remarkable day. Thousands of miles have been flown. Millions of voices have been heard. And those voices have said “Yes B Can”. Tonight we mark the end of one historic journey with the beginning of another – a journey that will bring a new and better day to the World.

I want to thank every man, woman and animal who stood with us over the course of this campaign – through the good days and the bad; from the rainfall of the Amazon, the warehouses of Berlin, and the dark clouds of Paris.  

As the world’s first parrot president, I will lead the world with a unique perspective. Firstly as your feathered friend, I have developed a birds-eye view of the mess the world has become.  Secondly as a parrot, I am a bird with a voice. And I will be the voice for change.

The ravens have been circling above us for far too long. We owe ourselves a better future. And for all those who dream of that future tonight, I say – let us begin the work together. Let us unite in common effort to chart a new course for the World.

This is our moment. This is our time. Our time to turn the page on the policies of the past. Our time to bring new energy and new ideas to the challenges we face. This energy and these challenges ideas must be green. It will be renewable energy that reinvigorates base of power. It will be borderless ethical trade that drive forward our economies and renew our morals… particularly for those who may have lost theirs in recent history.


The journey will be difficult. The road will be long. I face this challenge with profound humility, and knowledge of my boundless limitations. But I also face it with limitless faith in the capacity of animals of the world. It is not longer manpower, nor girl power that will drive us forward. But raw animal power!


Like the fox sensing the forest fire long before any man can, we must believe in the animals to be our barometer in these uncertain times. While some may see the economic tremors as a crisis, other will view it as a challenge. A period of readjustment. A period of creativity. A period of change.


We must work for it, fight for it and believe in it. B resolute. B strong. B assured that generations from now, we will be able to look back and show future generations that this was the moment when we began to take our destiny into our own hands; this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal; this was the moment when we ended a war and secured our world and restored our image as the last, best hope on Earth.

It’s time to ask yourself. -- It’s not what the World can do for me. It’s what I can do for the World.

Yes B Can.

 Lord Beyond (President of the World)