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Lord B President of the world!!!

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 Dear world citizens. Today is a remarkable day. Thousands of miles have been flown. Millions of voices have been he
ard. And those voices have said “Yes B Can”.
Tonight we mark the end of one historic journey with the beginning of another – a journey that will bring a new and better day to the World.

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Who's next '08 ?

Lord Beyond, Parrotman

Even, with a mask, impossible to be incognito with Lord B on the shoulder...
The young perrot of Paris, author of the coup d'etat in France last february, now
President of Europe, arm wresteling and attacking international politic's.
Then why making such a strong appearence at the Who's Next fashion show, the most envied
this season ? Read the article in French...

Xavier Clergerie

Michelle Vaughan

Cagestory Berlin
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Ricardo Villalobos Lord B
Ambassador RICARDO VILLALOBOS and LORD B spinning at "We love Sonique" 7th of June 2008

Puppetmastaz and Lord B rapping

Cara Bruni Chez les Guignolles

Lord B - President of Europe 1.7.2008- 31.12.2008

LordB Plan B

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Lord B Coup d'état

Coup d'état France 14.02.2008

Thursday, February the14th. Five o’clock AM. Paris is quietly waking up, by hearing the sound of horse’s clogs on La Comédie Française’s pavement alley. The coup d’état is done. Government is now under Lord B’s orders. And he is son of a Belgian, into the bargain. Too much ravens, too much sheeps, too much shepherds : someone has to govern in the interim. The lovers can embrace themselves, unaware of the opportunity given, falling deep inside their smooth torpor. President Lord B is gathering pace. He taunts them. « You game ? »

Reported by: Sylvain Dermy SNUP TIMES EUROPE


Lord B 5th of November 2007 at his Plan B press conference in Copenhagen

EU meetings in Berlin August 2007


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You are suspicious of the other candidates who are already
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Lord B

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vous êtes SNUPPÉ???

Never considered… So open large your eyes, I am well a parrot! I like to repeat myself and following the famous “CLEARSTREAM affaire” I understand that the French political scene these last years had a strong presence of volatiles. I quickly understood that it misses prospects in green, and against all – As you know, it is too the color of hope… As if the frog could see the ground since the nozzle of an eagle in flight…

If I were a President, here are my proposals so that the bird phoenix makes reappear France help transforming it to meet the exigencies of Europe and the globalization. Initially I wish to make a wake-up call to the French people, gathering a strong return to the true human values, social justice, a natural good citizenship and universally logic - In short find back the respect for the individual while making the society fluid and organic.

Being the first parrot entrepreneur in France, I know too well the pseudo respect for the entrepreneurs praised by the various pseudo interlocutors; administrations, banks, councils… I have lately observed the change of the laws on banking fee’s, with 25 years of delay, but it is only the beginning, believe me!

“The quiet awakening” here the slogan chosen for my election campaign. The alarm clock is not always easy, but similar for a birth, it is from time to time necessary to force a bit.

A rebirth of the spirit, a new way of thinking and finally, it is the role of a president to put rules and guards, in order to show that the freedom of the fox in the hen house is unacceptable.

In my country of origin one says: If the fox does not want to leave its cave it is necessary to send the dogs before smoking him out.

Here the plan B

The "quiet awakening" for sleepy spirits or those which hunger for progress in Europe

1. Manage to exceed London. To place France like best platform in Europe to succeed doing business in 3 years.

2. Begin to apply the laws

3. Safety and equality for all

4. Introduction of the Plan appendix 3D - Dialogue/Debate/Direction

5. Introduce a new work conscience

6. To encourage all means of ecological transport

7. Innovation and research in the forefront of the priorities

8. Parental authority first obligation of the citizen

9. The owners who will not collect droppings of their dogs will be punished with 2 years of work of general interest

10. Priority with childhood from the kindergarden to the whole of the school system.

11. To return the institutions into ecologically responsible functions of the state. (More effectiveness and less waste)
Rigorous detection of lazy workers via the chase of useless practices and ideas disconnected from reality which involve losses for the state. To denounce the civil servant, advisers etc, persons in charge financially and in the event of non respect for the people (for real!) The life is so easy for the people in power in the 5th republic - For this reason I propose you to take you under my wings to bring you into the 6th…
Teaching seminars and obligatory psychotherapies when necessary for, CIO's, actionaires, the multinationals in general, the various social syndicates, workers of the banking sector, justice and the National police force.
This is valid also for Bosses, the financial counselors, Lawyers, tenants/renters/syndic/co-owners, likes for the various administrations and their speakers - And finally for any concerned citizen of legality.

12. Taxation for companies SME equalizes with that applied to the multinationals in the tax havens.

13. To introduce the pact “Cocologique” (Let us be fathers and mothers OK)

14. The anti-roquet candidate (Halt with the elections with the universal survey)

15. Not to take the feather when nothing to say and nothing to do…

16. That our peanuts are not roasted any more

17. Let us stop the “shell attitude”

18. To give wings to the artists

19. Reflexion on the modern “Latin” identity

20. Finished the infantilisation of citizen (L.E.F)

21. Introduce "class actions" in France

22. Animal power - Civic and Divorce rights for animals

23. Create the ministry of love

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